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Welcome to Perryton CDC

Perryton Community Development Corporation (PCDC) is a community based group pursuing a progressive business climate that enhances the vitality and quality of life for the citizens of Perryton and Ochiltree County.

Our mission is to promote economic growth in Perryton and Ochiltree County through the aggressive pursuit of: job creation and retention, attraction of quality start-ups, recruitment of targeted business for relocation, involvement and education of our citizens, encouragement of investment, careful retention, maintenance, and expansion of existing businesses and tax base

Historically strong in economic development, Perryton is a major producer of oil and natural gas along with being one of the largest producers of wheat and other agricultural products in the heart of the nation. Wheat, sorghum, cattle, and pork producers as well as major oil and gas field industries are mainstays of the economy.


Perryton is a great place to live and conduct business. A large part of our mission is to create awareness of the business opportunities and resources that are available here. We provide interested businesses and executives with a central source of pertinent and up-to-date information on the Perryton and Ochiltree County economy.

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Target Industries

Some populist states are becoming increasingly negative toward some types of agriculture investments such as corporate involvement. Texans have an independent spirit and focus on economics. The leadership in Texas Agriculture remain staunch supporters of free trade policies and opportunities to increase Texas competitiveness.

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The people of Perryton are proud of their school system, and provide the financial support to field winning sports teams and to develop fine music and academic programs. The school system includes the Frank Phillips-Perryton College, one high school, a junior high, an intermediate school and an elementary school. Higher education is available in Perryton as well.

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Mar 23, 2020

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