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Animal Agriculture

The High Plains area of Texas provides many an attribute that makes animal agriculture growth attractive. This region perhaps more than any region in this country, has the longest history of large scale animal agriculture (confined animal feeding operations) operating with little or no negative impact to the environment.

After researching 5 countries and 6 states in the United States the Perryton, Texas area was selected by Seaboard Foods for their Confined Animal Feeding Operation.

Why Perryton, Texas? Climatic conditions blend a mix of the best elements, amount of rainfall, amount of evaporation, average wind speed, and the temperature ranges in both winter and summer.

Grain supplies are plentiful and they provide competitive feedstuffs. With both dry land and irrigation possible, farmers are open to grow various varieties of grains or forages to compliment Local markets.

Long term, another advantage to animal agriculture operations in the Texas Panhandle is the significance of these operations to this region.  Progressive communities are pro-active to ensure that unnecessary regulations don't burden these important businesses throughout this region.

Some populist states are becoming increasingly negative toward some types of agriculture investments such as corporate involvement. Texans have an independent spirit and focus on economics rather than social attitudes. The leadership in Texas Agriculture remain staunch supporters of free trade policies and opportunities to increase Texas competitiveness in the international marketplace.

There are 50 ranches in Ochiltree County with the average ranch size being 10,000 acres.  The market value per ranch is $4.5 million and machinery and equipment running $100,000 per ranch.