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Ochiltree County is located in the extreme northeastern Texas Panhandle, seven miles from the Oklahoma state line on the north and 56 miles on the eastern side, and is distinguished as the northernmost county seat in Texas. The northwestern two-thirds of Ochiltree County is located in the High Plains Region of the Great Plains and the southeastern third falls in the Rolling Plains Region of the North Central Plains.

Ochiltree County is located in the Great Wheat Belt of the southwest and includes both farm and grazing land underlaid by deposits of oil and gas in the rich Anadarko Basin. A part of the northern Texas Panhandle, the county is part of the treeless area extending from western Kansas, Oklahoma, and northern Texas to near the Rocky Mountains.

Land elevation averages 2,942 feet. Perryton, the County Seat of Ochiltree County situated in the north central portion of the county, 116 miles northeast of Amarillo, 398 miles northwest of Dallas, and 374 miles northwest of Fort Worth.