The City of Perryton, Texas is the only provider of gas, water, sewage and solid waste disposal service in the city.


The city obtains all of its water from deep wells which pump from the Ogallala aquifer. The City of Perryton has acquired extensive underground water rights which will provide at least a 90 year supply of water assuming a moderate sustained population growth. Water from the Ogallala aquifer is of excellent quality with low chloride content. It has no organic contaminants. Surplus plant capacity can provide at least 500,000 gal/day for the client on a continuous basis.


The city owns and operates the gas distributions system in the city. In addition to a guaranteed supply from West Texas Gas Company, the city emergency gas availability from Northern Natural Gas Co. Gas sold by the city has a energy value of 950 BTU/CF.


The city operates its own sewage system, and can treat any domestic or commercial waste stream. Currently, plans are underway to construct a new treatment facility capable of producing higher quality effluent while providing services to light industrial customers. The city can accommodate all effluent from the client's plant assuming the quality of the wastewater is as described in the solicitation for proposals.


XCEL ENERGY is an efficient low-cost producer of electricity. The company has one of the lowest industrial rates of any investor owned utility in Texas, Oklahoma; and New Mexico.

Xcel has a rate history of lowering rates over the past ten-year period. Xcel has been effective in lowering its expense for fuel used in power plants by aggressively monitoring and negotiating fuel prices. Xcel ranks as the ninth most successful among the 100 largest investor-owned utilities in terms of the fuel efficiency of its plants. These factors, along with low operation, maintenance and construction costs, contribute to Xcel's continuing effort to provide customers with competitive rates. Rate sheets are available upon request.

Xcel Energy's management philosophy is directed toward maintaining its high service - low cost position. Electrical World magazine honored Xcel with its 1991 James H. McGraw Award for management and leadership. The magazine attributed these achievements to "dynamic conservatism" and "pioneering efforts". Electrical World particularly noted the company's outstanding level of customer satisfaction, excellent debt coverage and innovative environmental developments as well as cooperative economic development efforts.

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